My Hobby

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My Hobby

This is a work of fiction. No illegal act was commented. It was written for entertainment only.

My Hobby : Chapter 1

A hobby is something someone does because they enjoy doing it. It is something that they are usually good at. It is something that helps reduce stress and simply makes someone happy. That?s what my hobby does for me. I?d like to share my hobby with you.

I like to suck cock. No, I love to suck cock. It meets all of the definitions of a hobby in that I enjoy doing it, I?m great at it, and it brings me satisfaction. It not only reduces my stress level, it reduces the stress level to the owner of the cock I am sucking.

It didn?t start out as a hobby. It started out as something a young girl does to grow up, to fit in with other girlfriends. It became a hobby when I discovered that I got as much pleasure from doing it as my partner was getting. It?s kind of a strange story and may not make since to anyone but me. It only needs to make since to me because it?s my life. But let me share some of the story with you and let you be the judge.

I am currently 27 years old. I am 5?4? tall and weigh 115 pounds. I have red hair and that seems to drive men crazy. My other measurements are normal. I have just enough of everything, or so some men have said. I tried marriage once but it wasn?t for me. I have lots of friends but I don?t seem to need anyone closer than a /friend/good-friend/">good friend. I?m sure that my hobby has something to do with it also.

My story starts when I was in the sixth grade. My life was very normal, lots of friends, good grades, family, and a very special /friend/best-friend/">best friend. Alice and I did everything together. We spent as much time together as possible. We were at the age of experimentation. We tried smoking. We hated it. We tried beer once and hated that too. We were both /boy/boy-crazy/">boy crazy but were too scared and dumb to do anything about. At least I was. We talked about kissing boys and about sex. We read stories in Alice?s father?s copies of Penthouse. We even played with ourselves and had our first orgasms on the same sleepover.

We also talked a lot about out sixth grade /teacher/">teacher. He was younger than all of the other teachers and god he was a hunk. All of the girls had a crush on him. He was a good teacher and it didn?t seem to matter that he was related to the school principle. Alice was bolder than the rest of us girls. She would flirt with him even though she didn?t know anything more about sex than what we had read in those stories. It was fun watching her make him act all uncomfortable.

Chapter 2

My happy little world got smashed on the day that Alice told me that she was moving away. Her Dad had gotten a transfer and they had to move almost immediately. I knew that I was going to miss her and there were things about her that I wanted to be like. She was strong and in control. It was difficult to back her into a corner. If someone like me did something wrong and got caught I would be scared of the punishment. She would go on the offensive and would never let anyone know if she was afraid. There were a lot of different things about her I wished I was like.

Alice and I sat on the bus, headed for school, on her last day before she was due to move. She made a comment about our teacher and that she wished she had more time with him. I asked her what she had planned for him but I said it in a way that sounded like I was calling her bluff. Alice said that she had always wanted to try giving a blow job. Again, I called her bluff. I said that she still had today and that she couldn?t get into to much trouble if things blew up in her face. It was her last day after all.

She said that she would do it today. She said that when everybody went outside to play she would ask to speak to Mr. Jamieson in private. Alice told me that she wanted me to be her look out and that she wanted me to watch her do it, just to prove that she wasn?t lying. I agreed but never thought she would go through with it.

When the time came I hide myself just inside the doorway of the classroom. I was close enough to hear Alice talking to Mr. Jamieson. She told him that she was going to miss him. He was nice and complemented her back. She told him that she want to give him something to remember her by. While he was explaining to her that it wasn?t necessary she reached out and cupped his crouch. This caught him by /surprise/">surprise and he tried to stop her. She continued to rub him and told him to enjoy it. He continued to verbally try and stop her. Alice unbuckled his pants and let them fall to his ankles. She got down her knees and pulled down his underwear. It was just like one of the stories we would read in the magazines. Mr. Jamieson?s cock was right in front of Alice?s face. She looked over at me as she took his cock into her mouth.

Mr. Jamieson continued to try and stop her but his efforts grew weaker as she continued to suck. He moaned and put his hands on her head and started to help guide her. He started telling her to use her tongue. He started moving his hips and to fuck her face. It was all Alice could do to keep up, but she managed. The whole act didn?t last long. Mr.Jamieson?s movement grow faster and faster. Then suddenly he stop and his whole body went stiff. He held Alice?s head firmly with his cock in her mouth as deep as her could get it. He told her to swallow and to keep swallowing. I knew from the stories we read that he was about to cum in her mouth and he want her to swallow it. And swallow it she did. Mr. Jamieson let her head go when he was done shooting into her mouth.

Alice licked her lips as she stood up. She looked as if she didn?t know what to do next. She looked at me when Mr. Jamieson was pulling up his pants. She mouthed at me to make some noise. I knew she was looking for a way out of the classroom without looking like a silly little girl. I backed into the hall a bit and yelled out Alice?s name. I then walked into the room. I guess I moved a little too fast because Mr. Jamieson?s pants weren?t all the way back up when he made eye contact with me. Alice thanked Mr. Jamieson and headed out the door with me in tow.

Chapter 3

All Alice wanted to do was to talk about the blow job. She said that she hadn?t counted on him cumming in her mouth, but it tasted good. It was warm and salty. She white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie liked it. She said I should try it sometime. What I didn?t tell her was how excited I had gotten watching them. I was going to take her advice and try it, I just didn?t know when.

The next day was a Saturday and Alice was gone. I cried most of the day. Nobody could make me feel better. I was lost. After a while I decided it was time to be more like Alice. My heart might be broken but why should I act like a little baby. So I got off my bed and let my parents try and help me feel better. We had a great weekend. But I was still lonely.

On Monday I went back to school. As soon as saw Mr. Jamieson all I could do was to relive what I saw on Friday. Mr. Jamieson looked uncomfortable with me as well. When recess time came and everybody went outside to play Mr. Jamieson asked for me to stay behind. He said that he wanted to talk to me about what I saw on Friday. I tried to play dumb but he knew that I saw what had happened. It took a few minutes for me to realize that he was afraid that I would tell on him. He tried to make me feel as if I had done something wrong but I knew better.

I got up the nerve to do what Alice would have done, go on the offensive. I interrupted him and asked him if Alice was any good. That caught him off guard. I asked him if it felt good. He stuttered and tried to act like nothing was wrong, but I was now in control of this situation. I asked him if he would have liked her to do it again. He didn?t answer verbally but the bulge in his pants said that he would have. I knew at that moment that I wanted to try and give my first blow job.

I got up and walked over to him and copied what Alice had done on Friday. I started rubbing the bulge in his pants and he just moaned. I had expected him to try and stop me but he didn?t. In fact, he stood up and undid his pants himself. He reached out and pulled my face to his cock and started running it over my lips. I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in. He started giving me instructions but it was hard to do anything except hang on. He held my head in place and kept fucking my face. His cock felt bigger in my mouth than it looked hanging between his legs. He didn?t last much longer than he did with Alice. I tried to remember the instructions he had given Alice. I used my tongue when I could, but he made it difficult. He kept fucking my face. He groaned about the same time my mouth filled with his cum. He said to swallow and I did. I kept swallowing. I couldn?t believe he could shoot that much stuff.

Suddenly there was a noise behind me and Mr. Jamieson pulled away from me. His cock was still shooting and the next bit of cum hit me directly in the face. I looked up and saw that Mr. Jamieson was now very afraid. I heard someone behind me asking my teacher what he was doing to that little girl. I heard Mr. Jamieson tell me to get out of here before I got caught. I didn?t ask questions, I just ran. The problem was that I had cum running done my face. The principle saw it clearly as I ran past him into the bathroom. I hide in there for awhile because I was really scared. I loved sucking that /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. Alice had been right about the taste. I liked that too. I just didn?t want to get into trouble.

Chapter 4

I choose to skip the last part of the day and ran home. I just knew that I was in so much trouble. I called Alice and told her what had happened. She got out of school 2 hours earlier than we did because of the time difference back east. At first she was shocked that I had had enough nerve to suck Mr. Jamieson?s cock. It blew her away that I had let him /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth. She was a little concerned when she heard that we stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv got caught but that quickly turned to laughter when I told heard that he shot cum in my face. She died laughing when I told her I ran out of the school with cum dripping off my chin.

When the laughing was done Alice told me to go on the offensive. I still might get in trouble but quit being afraid. Blame it on someone or something else. Who knows, maybe somebody would buy it. At the very least, I would like myself better if I quit being such a pussy. Those words hung with me all night. There were no unexpected phone calls or visitors. I figured that maybe I could keep my parents out of this. But I wasn?t looking forward to school tomorrow. I didn?t have a clue what I would be walking into.

I didn?t see Mr. Jamieson in the classroom when I got there. We all found out that he had called in sick. Not having to face him today was going to be better too. The last thing I needed was for him to act all weird and stuff all day long. So the day went well until lunch time. I heard my name called out over the intercom. I was told to go to the office, that the principle wanted to see me. Now I knew trouble was on the way.

I was sent right into the principles office. I was told to take a seat by the secretary. I noticed that the principle was sitting in his chair with his back to me, looking out the window. He didn?t speak right away and I am sure that was to intimidate me. When he did start speaking it was hard to hear him because he spoke so softly. He finally spoke loud enough for me to understand him.