Amber Gets Stretched Part 2

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Amber Gets Stretched Part 2

Two days after the /wild/wild-party/">wild party with Amber and the guys, I call her up from my phone at work. I own a surf shack down the road from my house, but we usually don't get much business. My hope is that Amber can fix that. "Hello?" I hesitate a moment, not sure if she will even remember much of the night after the amount of alcohol she had. "Hey Amber, it's Gary, how are things goin?" She laughs a moment, her voice ringing out across the phone, "I'm great! Although I am still a little sore from the workout the other night, you guys had me stretch so much!" I smile, noticing how she is avoiding giving away too many details. "Is your dad around?" I ask with a chuckle. "Yeah," she says, "I think he likes that I was working out, he says I need the exercise, that my butt's too big." "I love your butt tho babe," I say kindly. "I noticed! So what's up?" I pause a moment, forgetting why I had called. "Oh yeah! I was wondering if you're still looking for a job.

I own a surf shop by the beach and I could use some extra help around here. It's only a few minutes from my house and we can always work out again after your shifts if you'd like." I hesitate, not sure what she will say, but Amber freaks out, "oh my god are you serious? That would be so amazing! I could definitely use the job, and the work out sessions too. Oh my god Gary you're the best! Should I head down their now for an interview or training or whatever?" I smile, enjoying the reaction she gave me, "Well I haven't given it much thought but I guess you should come down for training before I can officially hire you. When can you make it down here?" I hear whispers on the other end of the line, but can't make out the words. After a minute, Amber says "I can be there in about an hour, is that okay?" "Sure thing Amber, I'll see you then. Oh, remember, it's a surf shop, so wear beach attire."

An hour later, she walks through the front door, followed by a man I can only assume is her father. He's a tall man, probably six feet, with a large build and gray/black hair. "I assume you are Gary?" he asks in an incredibly deep voice. "Yes sir," I reply politely, "you must be Amber's father." "That's correct," he answers. "Nice to meet you sir." "Likewise, so how often would my /daughter/">daughter be working here young man?" he asks while looking around my shop. It's not much, two stories, with a small apartment on the second floor above the shop. "With your permission sir, I really need to hire someone full time, so she would average about 40 hours a week making $10.50 per hour. That averages to about $400 a week after taxes. If that's too much, I can always hire a second part time." He smiles down at me, "No need son, those numbers sound perfect to me! By all means, have her work full time." I glance at Amber and smile, noticing for the /first-time/">first time what a sexy outfit she has on. She is wearing a thin tank top, cut low enough to show lots of cleavage, and prove she isn't wearing a bra underneath. The top is complimented by a short, cotton skirt that blows up whenever the wind blows, threatening to flash her ass.

Her Dad continues, "I also understand that you are quite the personal trainer. She said you gave her quite a workout the other night." I glance at her, not sure of the exact details of her cover-up. "Only in my spare time sir. I usually work out alone, but ran into you daughter the other night and she asked to join me." "I see, and what sort of workouts do you do son?" I smile, this is all too easy, "Usually I do a lot of cardio work, stuff to really get the heart rate up, but from time to time I try strength exercises as well. Your daughter can certainly handle a lot." "Well that's my girl, she learned from the best," he claims proudly. I try to keep a straight face as Amber stifles a laugh behind her father's back. "Yes sir, I'm sure she does." He walks over to Amber and gives her a big hug, you call me after training okay Hun?" he says softly, "when can I expect to pick her up?" I look at my watch, it's about two. "Well the shop usually closes at six, with an hour of cleanup after hours. I would say seven, unless Amber would like to join my friends and I during our workout afterwards. In that case u would say ten, that gives us enough time to get to the /gym/">gym and back." He looks down at Amber and she nods her head, "ten o'clock it is then, I'll meet you back here then."

Amber's dad leaves she shop quickly, and as soon as he is out of sight, she runs to me, throwing her arms around my neck. I feel her breasts press against my chest as I slide my hand down her back, "oh my god that was amazing Gary! You have no idea how much trouble you could have been in if he found out what we meant by 'working out.'" I laugh a moment, squeezing her ass in my hands as I reply, "probably about as much trouble as you would have gotten in if he knew you weren't wearing any underwear under this skirt." Amber throws her head back and laughs, exposing her slender neck. I bend my head down, kissing her smooth skin. After a moment I stop, trying not to leave a hicky. "Okay so, let's start training shall we."

We spend the next few hours touring the shop. I intentionally find reasons for her to bend over or climb above me, any excuse I can use to get her to expose her tits or ass. When six rolls around, I ask her to close up shop, turning the sign to Closed. "So you told my dad we need an hour to clean up shop?" Amber asks slowly, looking at me with those sexy blue eyes. "Well, not really," I begin, "I just wanted to give him a reason to let you stay longer. She laughs slowly, "Oh...well in that case, I guess I should thank you now before we meet the guys for out workout session." I laugh, telling here that the guys don't have to join us unless she really wants them too. "Of course they can join us," she says sweetly, "three's a /party/">party." I smile and hold up my fingers, counting guys, "Me, Paul, Taylor, Mike, Adam, and you." I flash six fingers and she laughs, "three's a party, and six is an orgy!" She smiles at me and turns around, heading up the stairs. She glances over her shoulder and says, "you coming?" I get up and follow her, staring at her ass as it sways above me. When we get upstairs, she pushes me back toward the couch, forcing me to sit down. Stepping back, she starts to dance, lifting her hands up above her head to show off her tits. "I wanted to thank you for the job offer, and for the great time the other night." She bends over low, her tits showing fully under her top. She shakes them a bit and laughs, enjoying the attention I'm giving her.

She stands back up and starts dancing again, placing her hands on her hips and slowly lifting her shirt to expose her stomach. I bite my lower lip, my eyes growing wide. I hesitate a moment remembering the surveillance cameras around the room. I point them out to her but she laughs, saying "I don't care. You may get lonely free porn movies download when I'm not here with you, so video tapes will keep you company." I smile, liking her logic. She pulls her shirt up further, her tits falling out from under the fabric. She pulls it off over her head and lets it fall to the floor. Shaking her tits slowly, she walks closer to me. I try to reach up and grab them, but Amber pushes my hands down, telling me "Just relax babe, I'll take care of you." She keeps coming, till her tits are mere inches from my face. I lean forward and kiss her nipples softly, hearing her breath slow. "You like that baby," she asks sexily, "their DDs, and all natural too. Apparently my mom's were bigger, or so Dad says, but I don't remember." I bite her nipple softly, pulling on it between my teeth, "I love them," I mumble. She slides her hands down my chest, rubbing my cock through my jeans. Slowly, she pulls them down, exposing my fully /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. Amber smiles as she wraps her fingers around it, slowly stroking the shaft. "Its bigger than I remember, longer than Paul's, but not as thick. Adam's felt longer but I didn't see it. What a perfect cock." I smile, and thank her for the compliment, still focusing on her tits pressed against my face.

She drops to her knees, pulling her tits away. I look down and watch as she slowly strokes my cock, kissing the head softly but not taking it in her mouth. I brush her hair back out if her face, but she grabs my hand, smiling as she tells me not to touch, that she wants to be the one in control today. I lean back, putting my hands behind my head, and watch her. She arches her back, till her tits wrap around my cock. "Do you like that?" She asks with a flirty full hd xvideo download smile, slowly rocking her body to massage my cock between her tits. I moan a yes as I close my eyes, loving the feeling of her movements. She picks up speed, till I'm practically fucking her tits. In moments, I'm ready to cum, and I let Amber know it. She smiles and sits back on her heels, saying "well, I don't want that to happen...yet." She sits back up and starts to kiss my cock again, this time really licking the tip, taking a couple inches in her mouth. Amber bobs her head, slowly fucking my cock with her lips.

More and more of my shaft disappear down her throat, and I moan out low. Paul must have really taught her well, because in minutes she has all but the last two inches buried in her throat. I open my eyes and watch her struggle to take the rest in. She slowly shakes her head, trying to force more down. Very slowly, I feel as her chin reaches my balls, her nose pressed to my stomach. I smile and say "I'm impressed! I didn't think you would take the whole thing." Amber attempts to smile and mumbles something around my cock that I assume to be a thank you. After holding my cock in her throat for a few moments, she pulls it back out. She smiles at me, saying "I'm really proud of myself right now!" She looks back down and takes the head back into her mouth, really sucking it. Using both of her hands, she slowly strokes my cock, while giving me the best blow job ever.

Whenever my cock slides deep enough in her throat, she hums, causing her throat to vibrate around my cock. I moan in pleasure, once again on the edge of cumming. Somehow, Amber senses this and slides my cock out, smiling up at me with innocent eyes. Slowly, her hands travel up my front, as she slinks on top of me, her legs spread as she straddles my waist. Amber wraps her arms around my head, burying my face between her tits. I kiss her chest, loving the feel of her tits on my cheeks. I can't help but grin wildly as she begins to grind her hips against my cock. I place my hands on her ass, feeling her bare skin beneath her skimpy skirt. She laughs and pushes my hands away for the third time. She pulls the front of her skirt up, letting her bare flesh press against my own. I feel her /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt sliding across the tip of my cock, coating my shaft in her juices. She leans back a moment, smiling down at me as my cock slowly enters her pussy. She growls, a deep sound in her throat, as she takes more and more of my cock. I close my eyes as our hips meet, my cock fully buried once again in her pussy. Amber wastes no time as she starts to rock her hips, truly fucking my cock for all it's worth.

I moan, as I lift my hips, meeting each thrust she gives me. I feel our bodies press together as our movements synchronize, and can't keep my hands to myself any longer. I place my hands on either side if her head, forcing her to look at me. We kiss deeply, our tongues mixing together in our mouths as we fuck. I slide my hands down her back, squeezing her ass hard. Suddenly, Amber stops. She breaks our kiss and looks into my eyes, pure lust painted on her face. She lifts one leg above my head and spins around in my lap, turning her back to me, my cock still buried in her /cunt/hot-cunt/">hot cunt. I grab her tits in each and as she starts to fuck me again, my cock getting a whole new feeling from this angle. I kiss her neck as I thrust my cock upwards into her pussy. Amber is the one on the edge this time, but I don't let her hold back, forcing her to take my cock harder and faster. She begins to moan at first as she shudders in my arms, "oh my god I'm cumming, oh god oh god oh god Gary don't stop, fuck me fuck me fuck me!!" Her pleading becomes a low moan, as I feel her orgasm hard against my cock. I don't stop fucking her until she finishes, gasping for breath, her back resting against my chest. "I'm not done yet baby," I whisper in her ear, lifting her off my cock. I reposition myself, so the tip of my dick presses against her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. She moans a soft protest, but doesn't stop me as the first two inches slide inside.

I hear her grunt, her ass stretching wide around my cock. "Oh my god, your definitely thicker than Adam," she moans. I laugh, lowering her further on my cock, "oh baby, just wait until Paul stretches your ass." I hear her groan, but she doesn't protest. I release my grip on her ass, and let gravity take over, pulling Amber down as her /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole stretches even wider around my cock. When our hips connect, I waist no time, slamming my cock into her ass hard and fast. I force her to take my cock even harder than Adam had the night before. Amber screams in a mixture of pain and pleasure as her body rocks with another fierce orgasm. I can't hold back any longer, shooting load after load into her ass. When I stop, Amber stands up, and I grin as I watch some of my cum ooze out of her ass and run down her legs. I watch as she walks to the bathroom, and I get dressed again as I wait for her to return. While she showers, I get a text from Mike, "Hey bro, my apt is all wired for tnite, u think she'll let us film?" I laugh and send him a reply, "oh yea, she will be cool w/ it. Get down here n we'll go." I hear the door of the bathroom open as Amber walks out, dressed again in her /beach/sexy-beach/">sexy beach attire. "So it's only 7:30, work out time?" I walk over to her and wrap my arm around her waist, leading her down the stairs. "Yeah, we're heading over to Mike's tonight. He's on his way now to get us, and we will meet the other three there, okay?" She smiles sweetly as Mike walks in the door, setting a piece of paper on the counter.

Amber runs to him and gives him a hug, letting out a small scream as he slaps her ass hard. "Let's get out of here," he says in his usual deep voice, grabbing Amber's hand. Just as we get outside, I hear the store phone ring. I turn around, calling over my shoulder, "I'll meet you guys there." I walk back into the store and ignore the phone, picking up the sheet of paper Mike dropped. "Thanks for letting us have her alone tonight, we will have her back by ten for her dad to pick her up. The security code to view the cameras live is 'Amber18', enjoy the show.

PS: did you consider using Amber to solve our problem with the Scalzi /twins/">twins?" I smile and sit down at the computer, logging on to view the show.