Into my Heart part 1

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Into my Heart part 1

Ok this is my first story so constructive criticism only please. Ya some my be disappointed in the lack of sex but there might be in the next one so please have mercy haha.

Im confused, Im insecure, and I think Im a lesbian. I didnt intend for this to happen, for me to fall in love with a girl, it just happened. But Im glad I did, I like this feeling, I like her touch and her love. But Im getting ahead of myself, my names Ashley and Im a junior in high school. I am also an only child living with my mother shes never home but I like it this way it makes me feel independent.

I remember meeting Emily on the first day school. As a Link Leader my role was to help freshmen as well as newcomers find their way around. A good excuse to be late to class but a waste of time all the same.

I was leaning up against a wall utterly bored when I heard light footsteps approaching me. "Uhm excuse me?" Said an angelic voice. I looked up to see who it was. Wow I starstuck to see such a beauty especially at this school. I cought myself staring at her as she continued to speek, I heard her I just wasnt listening.

She looked at me closer with an irritated look on her face obviously because I wasnt listening. "Im sorry, what?" I managed to blurt out.
"I uh want to know where room 200A is."
"Oh sorry its upstairs on the south side of the building." I answered back with a sheepish grin. She thanked me and without another word turned to leave. As she walked I couldnt help but watch her beauty and grace. But I cought myself and turned away blushing.

I didnt want to move here, I wanted stay in Arizona. I mean Colorado? Come on be serious it just sounds dreadful! But Ill just have to make the most out of it. My names Emily and Im 17 I just moved away from all my hopes and dreams because of my parents. I guess they are here because of some new job. Anyways I start school today, Im kinda afraid because I dont know anyone but in all honesty Im more afraid that I wont make any friends. "/mom/">mom do I have to go to this school? Just look at the mascot its a hairy mountain man." I complained.
"I know its going to be hard but you have to go sweetheart." She said in that optimistic tone. I hate it when she does that. So I just shook my head, got in my car, and drove off.

I didnt even know where I was going but administration told me to look for other students in bright green shirts labled with Link Leaders. Apparently these people were supposed to help.

I was looking at my schedule, my first class was in room 200A. I walked around lost for a while and finally decided to cave in and ask one of the Link people where to go.

Looking around I found a girl leaning against a wall, and judging by her posture she was fed up with this experience too. I walked up to her, "Uhm excuse me?" She looked up and wow she was pretty, maybe this might be a better experience than I thought. I continued to stammer on about how I was new and didnt know where I was going. But she just continued to stare without giving any indication that she understood. I was getting irritated but I guess she finally noticed and with an embarrassed look asked me what I said and I skipped to asking where the room was. Finally I knew where I was going but at the same time I was reluctant to go but I thanked her and was on my way.

I didnt even bother looking at my schedule at all this morning. I patted down my pockets looking for the folded up paper. As I unfolded it I looked for my first classe. "1st period, physics." I mumbled to myself, "in room 200A!" My eyes widened as I looked down at the paper, that girl is in that class! I refolded the paper and ran off to class.

As I walked in a peered into the class looking for her face. She was sitting in the back row and lucky to me no one had sat next to her. I stared for that empty seat but as I got half way there some meat head slithered his way into the seat. "Damnit!" I thought, she must have saw the disappointment one my face because she mouthed the word sorry. With a sigh and shrug I turned around and planted my sexxxx video ful hd butt in the front seat.

I lost track of her after first period, not that I was stalking her or anything. But the day just seemed to drag on as I heard the same repetitive speech given by every /teacher/">teacher. Finally the bell rang and as I rushed towards the door I was stopped by Ms. Reel, she stopped me to say how happy she is to be teaching me and how she heard good things about me. Blah blah blah story of my life. I couldnt help but look at the clock, "ugh Im gonna miss the /bus/">bus," I thought trying to keep a composed smile and nod exterior.

Finally she stopped talking and I ran out the door. Just as I made it outside the busses rolled away. I fliped out my cell phone thinking of someone to get a ride from. Suddenly someone tapped me on my shoulder. "Hi, uh thanks again for this morning." It was the same girl.
"Oh ya, no problem." I said with a grin.
"My names Emily, and youre Ashley, correct?" She extended a hand.
"Ya thats me." I shook her hand and maybe it was just me but she held it longer than custom requires.
Holding my glance she slowly took back her hand, "so what are you doing standing around like a loner?"
"Well I missed my bus Im kinda in need of a ride." I frowned."Oh I can give you a ride where do you live?" She seemed a little too eager. But I accepted the invitation and next thing I knew I was in the passenger side of her car.

I was nervous, "keep it cool, dont mess up." I thought. I still couldnt believe I was giving her a ride home. She told me the directions as I drove but other then that nothing but the radio filled the silence.
"So uh youre new here?" Ashley asked. I could tell she was as nervous as me.
"Ya I moved here from Arizona a little over a month ago."
"Oh cool." xxx sex video download free com We continued to talk about nothing but as the conversation continued the easier it became. I lerned a lot about her, we even had stuff in common like her favorite color and animal. And when "blah blah blah" by ke$sh came on we both couldnt help but rock out, singing word for word.

I pulled to a stop in front of her house. "Well here you go." I said smiling warmly at her.
"Thank you so much for the ride, youre a life saver."
"Call me super woman!" We both giggled in unison. But then it got quiet and we both just stared at each other. From there everything happened in slow motion. I twisted more towards her in my seat and starter to lean forward. I held her eyes, they were slightly glazed over in a dreamy state. My heart was racing but I didnt stop advancing. I was only an inch away from her soft pouty lips and could hear her breathing become ragged. Her lips trembled slightly and suddenly she jerked back.
"Uh t-thanks again for the ride" she stuttered as she jumped out the car faster than I could say your welcome.

I watched as she opened the door and wave me goodbye. Waving back I cursed at myself, "damnit Im so stupid why did I do that." With that said I sped away almost hitting a cat in the process, oops...sorry cat.

To be continued...