Janet and Peggy Sue meet Walter

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Janet and Peggy Sue meet Walter

It was our first summer of being 18 and out of school. Peggy Sue was working at her uncles drive in. She was /blonde/">blonde and petite, much prettier than me. but not concieted about it. We had been friends since junior high school. Peggy had been shy all the time I had known her so I was shocked beyond belief on the night we met Walter.

Walter was from up north Ohio or one of those states, and was in our little town because he was in some sort of trouble and came to live with his mothers family for the summer.
All of us girls knew who he was ,and of course we all wanted to date him because he was the new guy in town, and it didnt hurt that he was ruggedly handsome with smoldering brown eyes and wavy brown hair.

I often went to Peggys work and we would hang out for a while after she got off. This night Walter was there with a borrowed car and she told me we were going for a ride with him after her shift.
Peggy got in next to him and I cursed myself for being so slow at getting the best seating.She directed him to the local parking spot, and while indian santali xvideo I was still wondering when she even found out about it, they were engaging in some heavy petting and deep kissing.He was sliding his hand up her short work skirt and meeting no resistance from her . She sighed a deep sigh when his fingers touched her moist panty hose.I could not believe what I was seeing, they were so in to each other that they totally ignored the fact that I was sitting on the seat with them. He raised her top and bra together exposing her barely "B" cup tits with their little pencil eraser nipples.

He suggested the back seat and i slid out to let her past me, and was again suprised when she held on to my arm for support while she took her panty hose and panties off. her face was all flushed and her nipples wer so hard they looked like they hurt, and i caught a fleeting glimpse of her now /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy as she got in the back seat.

I was slid back against the passenger door and sort of peeking at them as he started pressing his cock in to her. I didnt see it go in , but knew it was deep inside her by her rreaction, it was "ouch ouch,, wait" . He lay on her slowly rocking his hips till he felt her start to respond and then they were off. He would press deep and she would moan, he would fuck her fast and she would let out little squeels of pleasure, her little tits bearly moving as he fucked her, he would bend to kiss and lick her nipples ,then start fucking her again.

By now i was leaning across the seat watching them she had wrapped her slim legs around him and raising to meet his thrusts. My own pussy was on fire,but my jeans limited me touching it to get even some minor relief. Finally desperate, i opened my jeans and and slid them down enough to get my hand on my clit and bring myself to a so so orgasm, I wanted Walter in me, but they showed no signs of even slowing down. After about 10 minutes Peggy started cumming, her butt would raise off the seat to get as much of Walters cock as she could, her legs around his waist as she pressed back and came on his cock.

After I had had a couple of orgasms i started to notice they had been fucking for a long time, I kept my fingers on my clit but had cooled down some, and then finally took my hand out of my pants and sat back against the door and watched them. Now they had been fucking for 20 minutes, something i had only imagined, and he showed no signs of stopping or getting close to an orgasm. 

Peggy had exactly one hour to get home after her shift so at 35 minutes I said "hey you guys " its a quarter to, we better get going.

He reluctantly pulled his cock out of her ,and she was reluctant to realease it , even though she had cum at least 4 times. She laid there for a minute, her legs open, her /red/pussy-red/">pussy red and gaping from the wonderful fucking she had just had.

We had to drop her off first in order to meet her fathers time deadline. and it was a pretty silent ride to my house because I didnt know what to say to Walter. I had never before even imagined a scene like this. We sat in front of my house for a few minutes and he started talking about what had just happened with Peggy. I found they had met earlier in the day and it was almost a positive that they would have sex after her work. They also had not planned on me being there.

I told Walter that I needed to tell my parents that i was home and sitting in his car talking, and while I was in the house I changed to a skirt, leaving the soaking jeans on the floor of my room. My step /mom/">mom was just a few years older than me, but was pretty wise, just told me "be careful". I really dont know if I honestly thought we weould "just talk" when i got back to the car.

Walter had his cock out when i got back in beside him, I didnt know where to look fascinated by his /cock/big-cock/">big cock, and still almost trembeling from what i had just seen it do to Peggy.He soon solved where I should look as he started pointing out the details of how far it had gone in the first thrust, how she had felt with just the head in . Pure torture, and then he turned his attention to me. hand up skirt and no resistance, the moan when he touched my soaked panties, and no coy "no" when he asked me to go to the back seat.

I leaned against the car and took my panties off,, lifted my skirt around my waist, and got in leaning against the door. He commented on my having more hair on my pussy than Peggy, and from that point on she was not mentioned again. he did the top and bra thing letting my tits fall free and I could see in his eyes that he loved my 36cs and nipples like my thumb. He was expert at sucking nipples, his tongue sent tremors straight to my clit, his fingers were gently starting to explore the opening of my pussy, then he was on me, lifting me, arranging me,sliding my butt closer to him and the big head of his cock hot against /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy. He bent and kissed me long and deep,, our tongues playing, and him slowly sliding in to me.

I didnt moan when he slid in to me, probally because I was out of breath from his kisses. He started out fucking me slow and deep, I came almost the first minute. He could feel my contractions and held his cock deep while I came. Then he would /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard till I started moaning telling him I was cumming, He would lift my butt to him and rub his shaft on my clit or his pelvis against mine giving me earth shattering orgasms.

Walter had what is now knows nas Retarded Ejacu;ation and could fuck forever. I didnt have the time constraints that Peggy did so we fucked for nearly an hour. When he finally came he soaked me cum running out of me and on to the back seat, My pussy aching but in a plesant way.

Peggy was livid when she found out we had fucked, but he calmed her down and the 3 of us had a great summer.Let me alain lyle porn know if you want to hear about it, Ahhh its great to be 18!