It happens when you least expect it

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It happens when you least expect it

My name is Gina, Im a 27 year old Dental assistant. I'm 5'8'' 140lbs 36C with blond hair and blue eyes. I have recently been attending a to try and get into shape. I am a single woman who's only means of pleasure lately has been my . That was until I met Darion last Friday. I was on the treadmill when I first saw him come into the gym. He was a sight, very strikingly handsome and about my age. He was tall about 6'3'' and was in definetely good shape black hair and blue eyes he was wearing a pair of spandex shorts and I got good look at his package that seemed alot bigger than average.

I really didn't talk to him that first day, well actually I didn't say anything to him at all but stayed to watch him work out. Obviously making sure he didn't notice me. It was on my next visit that I had this urge to just go over and grab that cock of his and see if it was real. I thought what the heck just go over and say hi. I finally got up the nerve and walked over to him while he was on the bench press. Once I got right next to him I noticed the outline of his cock perfectly in his tight shorts. I wanted to just grab it. I felt my just looking at this man's beautiful cock through his shorts. I was surprised when all of a sudden I heard "Hello are you waiting for the bench?" I knew it was now or never and I was exremely horny and didn't want to let this opportunity pass me by thats for sure. I said "no actually I'm waiting for you". I kind of figured he would think I work for the gym so I said " My name is Gina and I just had to meet you. I have noticed you a couple of times while i was exercising and thought you are very appealing". I knew I had put myself out on a limb but I didn't really seem to care. "Oh really?" he smiled "my name is Darion" as he reached out for my hand. I reached for his hand and by just touching his huge strong hands my knees became week with lust. I knew I just had to have this man. "Gina" I replied "nice to meet you." "Like wise" he said.

Darion had asked me moments later why I needed to meet him and I was trying to think of some mature reason. I didn't want to say, oh i just caught a glimpse of your cock and wanted it, that would be ridiculous. So I told Darion that I just thought he was really attractive and thought since I was single I would check it out. Darion is a very nice man, I could tell he had a heart of gold from his soft voice and the look in his blue eyes I could just tell.

It was a relief when he said he too was single and was looking to get in shape because don't like flabby men. I couldn't help but think, well if every woman caught a glance at the cock I kept peering at through your shorts, you would be surprised. Darion and I worked out together and stayed and talked long after the gym had closed. It had to be around 12:00a.m. and getting late but I wanted him so badly I didn't want to let him go. Then finally I just said "Darion lets go back to my place we'll be more comfortable there". I couldn't believe I had said it. Darion said " yea sure thats sound great" I told him to follow me that I only live a couple of blocks away. In the car on the way home I could see him right behind me xnxxv sunny leone video in the mirror. I couldn't resist myself from rubbing my pussy through my shorts thinking of what was about to happen. I was extremely horny I hadn't been with a man in months and my pussy was aching.

I pulled into my drive with him pulling in behind me and went to unlock the door, looking back I saw him coming across the lawn. I smiled and he did the same as we both entered my house at the same time. I asked if he would like a drink he said sure so I made a couple of screwdrivers to break the ice, and we both sat down on the couch and started to talk.

We were talking about past relationship when I couldn't handle the temptation anymore, along with the alcohol, I couldn't resist. I reached over and rested my hand on his thigh and leaned over to kiss him. He grabbed the back of my head and kissed me passionately for several seconds, As I worked my hand up his thigh I felt him real forced anal against her will cup my breast in his huge hand. I ran my hand over his and could feel his cock was beginning to harden as I rubbed him softly through the thin material. Darion reached down and started to rub my pussy through my shorts as I began to kissing him deeply more agressively now. I released him and stood up in front of him and stripped my clothes, Letting him see my naked body in front of him. I saw him looking at my neatly shaved pussy right before I knelt down in front of him and leaned over and kissed his huge member through the material. I grabbed at the shorts and tugged on them and he quickly helped me pull them down.I had been with several men in my life and the longest cock I had ever had was 8'' but when Darions cock sprung free of the tight shorts everyone else I ever had was small in comparison. I grabbed his thick base and was amazed that I couldn't put my hand all the way around it and took it in my mouth. I tried to take as much as I could in my mouth squeezing his but only a couple of inches was all I could take of his huge cock. I grabbed his cock with both my hands and he had about 4''. I started to rub my pussy as I licked and sucked his huge cock and I really needed him in me. I couldn't help but wonder how I was going to take it all but I sure wanted to try. I got up and looked at him and then his massive organ and said "lets go to the bedroom so you can give me that giant thing of yours". I guided him into the room and I quickly jumped on the bed and reached for my nightstand drawer and got my K.Y.jelly and rubbed some on both my pussy and then his cock and layed back spreading my legs as wide as I could.

He positioned himself on me and I could feel his cock pressing against my pussy and all of a sudden he inched the head in, and a few more inches slid in as I gasped and moaned in ecstacy he pulled a little ways out and came back down sliding more of his mammoth cock in me "oh god baby" yes it was sending quivers up my spine as he finally inched it all slowly in me. Darions cock was stretching my pussy to the limits as I looked into his eyes as he began to fuck me faster. I wrapped my legs around his waist as tight as I could, as I reached and scratched his back with every inward thrust of his cock. I couldn't stop shaking as I came continuously the whole time he rammed me. He felt so good deep in my pussy. He grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulder and I could see his cock going in and out of me like a piston. I grabbed at his chest and rubbed it mercifully as he fucked me harder and harder as the moans escaped me over and over. Darions pumping got faster and faster when he looked down at me and said he was cumming and at that moment jerked his body into me making me scream and cum as well, thrusing in about 10 hard times, deeper than all the rest. Filling me up to my max by far, he gave me his load. I felt his shots pulsating deep in me over and over as I reached up and kissed him. Darion spent the night that night and he made love to me over and over until my pussy was begging for a break and then he left in the morning. I havent heard from Darion but I haven't been back to the gym yet . Im looking forward to having lots of fun with him