Virgin Slave

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Virgin Slave

Note : This story is completely fictional!

When I was eighteen, the only sexual encounter I had was with my /friend/best-friend/">best friend’s 24-year-old brother. I went over to Tam’s house one afternoon right after school like I did every other week when Tam’s brother answered the door. I had never seen him before as he had previously been off to boarding school, the was working in the city before he came back to work for Tam’s dad. He was way over six feet five and /blonde/">blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes.

After finding out who I was, Jeff told me that Tam had actually gone to town and wont be back for a couple of hours and that I could wait for her till then. I didn’t want to walk all the way home so I agreed.

I was kinda flustered and a little nervous being with Jeff alone in the house as his parents were off to work but he was being a nice host and we started to talk. I wasn’t much of a talker since I was milf porn videos still really shy around boys at that time but Jeff was /sweet/">sweet and he sensed that. 

As time when on, I noticed he had moved closer to me while we were sitting on the couch. I wasn’t saying much by then cause my heart was beating really hard with Jeff next to me. Then suddenly, he placed his hand on my tight and seeing that I didn’t flinch or anything, he starts to slowly caress my tight. I was wearing jeans but I could still feel his hand burning through. It was a strange feeling having a complete stranger touching me, but I didn’t want him to stop. Seeing that I didn’t protest, he moved in much closer, leaning his body on me as he slowly moved his other hand up and down my back.

Slowly his hand which were on my leg moved up and underneath my blouse. I shuddered a little as he touched my bare skin, slightly lifting the edge of my blouse as began touching all over my belly. He never said a thing as his hand slowly made it way towards my breast, touching them and squeezing them gently. My breathing quickened and I started to shake but it felt so good. Then suddenly he said, ’you’ve never been with a boy before have you?’

I just shook my head as his blowjob porn videos fingers entered my bra and explored my nipple. I gasped.

’You masturbate?’ he whispered into my ear and I shyly nodded, not daring to look at him.

’With your fingers or vibrator?’ he whispered to me again, and I was shaking so badly as he started squeezing both my nipples under my bra that I could barely say fingers.

’So beautiful,’ he said again as he started squeezing my breast harder ’You’re still a virgin aren’t you’ and I nodded, feeling so embarrass at that moment.

He kept on play with my breast and I watched his hand moving under my blouse, squeezing and caressing them and somehow I wanted him to touch me more. 

My pussy was burning so badly inside my jeans. Then somehow knowing, he started to unzip my jeans as he pushed my to lay back against the back of the sofa, while he tugs at the edge of my jeans a little and shoved his hand into the opening. There was little room as my jeans were tight but his fingers were under my panties and they found their way to my clit. Jeff slowly started to softly rubbing it as he watched me. I had my head tilted back and mouth slightly agape, breathing hard at that point. I wasn’t thinking but I had this stranger’s hand down my jeans touching me that I didn’t care who it was because it felt so good. I could feel Jeff straddling me, his hand still in my jeans while he watched me moan.

His other hand roamed under my blouse , squeezing my breast even harder as he rubs my clit a little harder and faster in a circular motion and I moaned.

’That’s it. So beautiful’ he said as he uses his fingers to trap my clit in between them and continued to rub them even faster, my moaning following in rhythm.

As he rubbed my clit harder I moaned even louder and he loved hearing that. I wanted it to go on forever but his callus fingers were already building me up and I reached orgasm. 

He didn’t get off me right away. He pulled his hand out of my jeans and now both his hands were under my blouse playing at my breast. I opened my eyes and looked up at him, still couldn’t believe it that I got a hand job from a boy.

’You love to be masturbated don’t you?’ he looked down at me, as I nodded.

’I want you to come back tomorrow after school. No one will be around’ it was more of an order than a request and I agreed. It was as if I was in a trance I was willing for him to do anything. Tam never found out what happened that day.

I came back the next day and like he said no one was around. He led me up to his room and locked the door behind us. I stood in the middle of his room having no idea what he had planned.

’When you’re with me, you’re not to say anything till I say you can got it?’ he ordered and I nodded.

’Good’ he smiled as he walked to stand behind me. By then I realized that he had a full length mirror and placed his hands around me and he ordered me not to take my eyes off the mirror.

His hands unbuttoned my blouse exposing my cleavage. He took the pleasure of watching himself undressing me. Letting my blouse fall to the floor then unzipping my skirt and let it pooled at my feet. I was standing in my bra and panties and his hands were on my breast. It looked so erotic as he squeezed them through my bra.

’You have very beautiful breast,’ he squeezed so hard I yelp

’they need to be taken care off’ he took my bra away and they were naked for him to play with. It felt good like it was the day before.

He then proceeded to remove my panties and let it slid off me to pool around my ankles. I watched the mirror as his hand snaked it was to my pubic hair and found my clit. He didn’t massage me but gently touched it. 

’This pussy is mine and you’re not to let anyone touch it, understand’ he suddenly said quite fiercely and although I felt a little afraid at that point, it did turn me on even more.

’and youre not touch this pussy without me around, understand?’ he growled and I obeyed.

’Good, you’ll be a good servant girl’ he smiled and at that point I knew I was his.

’Now be a good servant girl and lay down on the bed’ I obeyed.

I lay with my hands to my side and my pussy was already wet. He came back and got on the bed with me, still fully clothed as he spread my legs so that he could kneel in between them.

’You’re already wet, that good. I love playing with a /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy especially a wet virgin pussy,’ then he pulled out a dildo. It was huge and there was a panic look on my face. 

He smiled ’don’t worry. I wont put this in your /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole yet, my love’ he turned it on and it vibrated ’I want to play with your beautiful clit first’ and he place the vibrating device on my clit which instantly made my whole pussy vibrate. I moaned as he rubs it gently along my clit.

’You’ll be my girl from now on,’ he spread my legs wider and taking care that he doesn’t make me orgasm too fast as he slides the vibrator along my clit down towards the opening of my hole but refrained from entering.

’that’s it,’ he slides the vibrator along my pussy, playing it to my clit and loving to watch me moan as he masturbates me.

’Nothing like watching a virgin squirm. Say you love to be masturbated, my love’

I could barely breath with the vibrator to my clit and was gasping as I said ’please’masturbate.. me’. Want more’

He laughed and then suddenly turned off the vibrator. I felt frustrated

’please’ I begged.

’Not yet. Now sit up’ and I obeyed with my pussy throbbing badly.

’I want to play with you remember? But you want me to touch your pussy and make you cum don’t you?’

’yes , please’ I pleaded as I was on my knees.

’I want you to stretch your hands above your head’

He cuffed them when I did and I saw he had hooked it to a chain that was hanging off the ceiling. He admired the view with me on my knees and my hands chained, totally vulnerable.

’You know what I love about you. You’ll do my bidding. I’ve had girls before but you’re the one I love the most.’ 

He reached over to the nightstand and pull out a butterfly from the drawer. I knew what it was cause I had seen it over the net but I had never the courage to get one.

’This one is for you my love’ he said, strapping it to my pussy ’I want to be able to masturbate you whenever I want and watch you squirm and moan. I love to hear you moan’

He laid back on the bed, like he was watching some show as he held the remote control in his hand. He turned it on, letting it vibrate my pussy gently.

He watched me as the slowly whirling sound emanate from my pussy and watch his servant girl chain up and moaning.

He got off the bed, leaving me in his room all alone. And he left the device running and never came back for a good twenty minutes. By then I was already sweating but hadn’t reached orgasm because the device was still on low and by that time I wanted to orgasm so badly.