Mountains of Rubber Chapter 7 Skid Marks

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Mountains of Rubber Chapter 7 Skid Marks

Mountains of Rubber, Chapter 7, Skid Marks
-- by jessicablank

Synopsis: Dan/Daniella is enjoying a wonderful weekend of servitude, up in the mountains with MzDominica. /mistress/">mistress has dressed Dan for his /first-time/">first time going out "en femme" -- and after dinner and dancing with some of Dominica's friends, the slave feels like she's going to explode if she doesn't cum, soon!

Chapter 7, Skid Marks:

* * * * * *

Cum... cum... cum... Daniella desperately needed to cum. The throbbing in her clit, the butt plug pumping, pumping, pumping into her ass -- left her with no resistance, no defenses against the needs of her body, the programmed needs of her mind.

MzDominica drove the van down the highway, lit only by the occasional streetlight. Daniella couldn't make sense of the passing scenery. The bright streetlights left trails in her eyes, spelling "Dommmmmiiiiinnnnniiiiicaaaaaa" in her hazy vision.

Daniella's hips continued to rock, rock, rock. the wwwxxx Pumping in the seat. She had become unaware of it, but MzDominica was continually talking to her. Making suggestions. Programming her.

"You're falling deeper and deeper and deeper. My... rubber... slave..." Daniella's eyes had stopped tracking the scenery. She was looking straight ahead. "Down... down... down... You need to cum." Daniella's hips rocked. "You crave to cum." She pumped. "Your mind is becoming emptier and emptier. More and more quiet. Quiet and empty. Quiet... and empty..." The streaks of light trailed out past Daniella's fixed gaze, spelling Dominica's name. "You must obey." And, just under her breath, Daniella muttered her conditioned response, "I must obey Dominica." Her mind became more and more pliable, more and more open, with every word her Mistress spoke.

Daniella's hips were pumping constantly, now. Her arms were limp, useless appendages, at her side. The jiggling of the van pushed the butt plug in and out of the slave's ass. Pump... pump... pump... Her voice began to moan, softly. Constantly. It seemed to Dominica like she never inhaled -- just continued to moan, helplessly, without end.

The van pulled up into a parking lot. The only vehicle there. The storefront had big block letters. Daniella, too deeply tranced to look directly at them, saw them. In her peripheral vision. They spelled, "Dominica." Of course. What else could they have spelled?

MzDominica set the brake, shifted to "park," turned off the ignition.

Daniella remained in her seat, staring forward, not quite seeing. Her hips continued to rock. Pumping... pumping... pumping... Her clit was so hard. Her ass was so full. Her mind was completely quiet. Not a thought in her head. Just the pumping... pumping...

Dominica had turned in her seat, and was watching her slave. Watching as she stared mindlessly forward. Mouth open, panting. Hips pumping. She crooked her index finger and trailed it down Daniella's left cheek, while she smiled, enjoying her complete control of her slave.

Daniella could not think. She had no will, to get out of the car and approach the store front. She had no will, even to turn to her Mistress, and ask what she should do next. Her mind was frozen. Empty. Helpless. She sat, her hips pumping. The tight rubber panties felt so good. The thick rubber butt plug felt so good. Her nipples ached, under the rubber halter. Hurt so much. Felt so good.

"Get out, Daniella," Mistress said. It took a moment. For Daniella to realize she'd been spoken to. To realize it was her Mistress. Her owner. To realize she could NOT disobey. Even a few more moments to stop staring, straight ahead, and begin to move. "Get out..." That involved unhooking the seat belt. Shifting her weight on the car seat. Opening the... door...

Every second was a moment of discovery. A struggle to remember even the most ordinary actions. How to twist on the seat. How to shift her weight forward, drop legs, set her feet on the gravel surface. Soon, Daniella was standing in the parking lot. A little unsteady... trying to remember how to balance on the spiked heels of her little ankle boots. The brightly lit sign on the storefront grabbed her attention. "Dominica!" She was too deeply entranced to even realize, that it might say something else. There was a picture, nearby, of a cartoon figure that looked like it was made of marshmallows. Her attention was drawn back to the wwwxxx sign.

Suddenly, Daniella found her hand being pulled toward the building. Dominica was dragging her toward the front door. She held a keychain her other hand, and was soon using a key to unlock the big, double doors at the front of the store.

When they opened the door, and Dominica dragged her inside, Daniella was assaulted by the intense odor. Acrid. Smoky. Her eyes closed, and she took a deep breath -- still so deeply tranced, she had no idea what it was she smelled. Only that it was rubber. Lots and lots of rubber.

"Yes, my little rubber slave," MzDominica teased, stroking Daniella's right arm. "It's a tire store!"

Daniella moaned. The warm feeling in her crotch, and the trickle down both legs, all the way to her ankles and to her feet, marked the helpless release of all the pee in her bladder.

MzDominica seemed to have anticipated this reaction -- or, perhaps, she had programmed it. She handed Daniella a towel, and said -- gently -- "Clean that up." The slave opened her eyes, crouched to the floor, mopped up the puddle. And as she stood up again, trailed the towel up the insides of her wet thighs.

Daniella stared, all around her, at the stacks of dark, rubbery tires. She breathed so slowly, and deeply -- not even realizing she was doing so. Dominica looked at her slave, and was surprised, but immensely pleased, to see tears rolling down her slave's face. Clearly, Daniella was completely overwhelmed.

Not sure Daniella would even understand what she said, Dominica explained. "A friend of mine owns this tire store. He was very nice to give me free access tonight, to do anything I want." She leaned toward Daniella, and whispered fiercely in her ear, "ANYTHING!!!"

Daniella's legs failed her. She dropped, in slow motion, to the floor, cross-legged, staring at all the stacks of tires. Breathing so deeply. She'd forgotten it was even happening, but her clitty-cock was pulsing, pulsing, pulsing so intensely. The scent of rubber had completely emptied her mind.

Dominica leaned down toward her little pet. "Now, rubber... slave...," she said, pointing, "I want you to wrap yourself around that stack over there. Hug it. Fuck it. Push your aching, little clit against the tires."

"Oh, God, Mistress!" Daniella seemed to finally have found her voice. "Please let me cum!"

"Not yet, babi," Dominica replied. "Now, go and fuck the tires."

Daniella moaned. But she stood up. She stumbled, like a sleepwalker, toward a big stack of truck tires, and wrapped her arms around them as far as they would go. Breathing deeply. Letting the heavy, acrid scent fill her empty brain. She pumped her crotch against a tire. Once. Twice. She moaned, crying again. A third time. Her nipples were so hard, they hurt so /bad/">bad. Pump. A tiny squeal. Pump. Moan. Pump. She was sobbing. Pump. She was crying. Pump. The sobs of need tore out of her, scraping her throat ragged. Pump. Her eyes squinted, and her face was a squashed parody of human expression, her mouth a big, open bow of need and pain. Pump. She moaned and cried, and rubbed her face against the treads, wiping her tears on the tires. Rubbing her padded rubber-covered breasts against the tires. Crying and moaning, she slowly collapsed at the base of the stack, aching to cum. Aching for any tiny, little release. Any relief.

She found her face rubbing, rubbing, against the tops of MzDominica's boots.

"/good/good-girl/">good girl," she said. "Good, good girl."

Daniella rubber her tears into Mistress' boots, and kissed her toes, her ankles, her calves.

"Cum!" Mistress commanded. "Cum, slave, cum!"

It almost didn't happen, at first. It took a moment... Just a timeless moment for the command to sink in. It seemed to enter the top of Daniella's head, at her ears... and swept down through her neck, down her torso, into her hips. It passed her hips, and went all the way to her toes. Then the orgasm began to sweep upward from her toes. In waves. Up her legs. To her crotch. Up her belly to her breasts. Up again to her head.

Daniella came. And came. And came. Lips pressed against Dominica's boots. The smell of rubber everywhere in her senses. Cumming and cumming and cumming. She wiggled. She cried. The moan that was torn from her throat sounded like she'd been impaled -- and, in a way, she HAD been. By the /butts/thick-butt/">thick butt plug. By Mistress' command. By the rubber. Her hips pumped, and pumped. Her ass sucked on the butt plug. /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum filled her rubber panties. She cried, and grabbed at the linoleum-covered floor, and rubbed her breasts against the floor. She pumped her ass against the floor, and rubbed her face against Mistress' boots. And came... and came... and came... Crying, begging mindlessly with her sobs, thanking Mistress wordlessly with her moans, her caresses, her wiggling, her tears.

She had no idea of how long she had been cumming, cumming, cumming -- helplessly, gratefully. But, gradually, the spasms subsided. Daniella lay at Dominica's feet, curled up into a tiny, little ball. Lips pressed to the toe of Dominica's right boot. So deep, not a thought entered her empty, little mind.

Dominica leaned forward, and caressed the back of her slave's neck, between the strands of blonde hair.

"Now, you're ready," she whispered.

* * * * * *

Daniella did not remember having moved. And her mind was far too blank to realize that she was lying, face down, on a loose pile of tires. Her arms were around a big, soft tire, and her face was down in the center. Surrounded by rubber. Drowned in the scent. A big tire all around her head, and tires below her -- the thick, pungent smell filling her nostrils, filling her mind. And emptying it, at the same time.

"Deeper... Deeper... rubber slave... Deeper..." MzDominica's voice repeated, sending Daniella's mind into a state far beneath unconsciousness. "Whenever you smell this, you must remember, rubber slave obeys only Mistress Dominica... only Mistress Dominica... only Mistress Dominica..."

MzDominica's slow, methodical brainwashing of the helpless slave continued. It might have been minutes. It might have been hours. Daniella had no way to know. No way to resist.

"Resist... resist... Try to resist... Try hard, now. Harder..." Mistress' voice ordered her to resist -- which meant that if she did, she would be obeying. But if she did not, she would be obeying... "Try to lift yourself off the tires. Go ahead. Try to resist me..."

Daniella pushed... or tried to. But the rubber felt so good against her body. Smelled so good. All the resistance... all the fight... was gone from her. Her body went limp. She was helpless... lost... obedient...

After a time, the slave felt herself being lifted up, completely unable to understand what that meant. She heard, "Open your mouth, slave," and her jaw dropped slackly. Immediately. Automatically. The thick, rubber dildo slid into her mouth, and she began mindlessly to suck... suck... suck... The noise and jiggling of the van made no impression on her deeply entranced mind. Nor did she notice herself being half-carried, as she was walked back into Dominica's cabin, and set down, prone -- plugged ass so high -- onto her rubber-covered pallet. She continued to suck the dildo, as Mistress' conditioning slowly worked its way through her deeply sleeping mind. Programming her. Changing her... All through the night.

* * * * * *

Daniella slept on her rubber-covered pallet, sucking on the thick rubber dildo. Every dream seemed to restructure her body more extremely, reprogram her mind more deeply. Her sense of /reality/">reality seemed to have completely shut down.

Her tongue became long, and snake-like. Even kneeling, with her head bowed to the floor, her tongue reached out, responding to MzDominica's command, and licked her boots, twining itself around her toes, her ankles. It wound up her right leg, around her knee, and up her thigh, sliding into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. A loop of her tongue pressed deep into Dominica's pussy, massaging her G-spot, while the tip of her tongue crept back out, and wrapped itself around Dominica's clit. Circling her clit, rubbing it, massaging it. Tightening, and loosening, and tugging at her clit. Daniella's snaky tongue stretched further... downward between Dominica's ass cheeks, and squirmed itself into her anus. Throbbing, sucking, curling, wiggling.

All the while, Daniella could feel her breasts growing -- especially her nipples. They felt so big, and long, and puffy. Each huge, throbbing nipple had found its way under the toe of one of MzDominica's boots. Daniella's tongue tugged at Mistress' clit, and Dominica responded by stepping harder on Daniella's nipples, squeezing them so deliciously!

All the little "fuck me" filigree in Daniella's stockings had started moving. Massaging her legs, creeping up her thighs. The words gathered together, growing in size and thickness, collecting as a huge, black dildo that seemed to climb up Daniella's leg like a giant worm, a caterpillar. Daniella's hips thrust backward just as the dildo shoved itself into her ass. Pumping, and pumping, the dildo seemed to be cumming. It was ejaculating the words "fuck me" into Daniella's ass. The words wiggled their way upward through her colon, through her abdomen, up her neck, and into her brain -- pushing everything else aside. All other words spilled out of Daniella's ears, as "fuck me" filled her head, becoming her only thought.

Then Mistress spoke, and the word "obey" tumbled from her lips, like rain falling onto Daniella's head. It soaked through her hair, through her scalp, into her brain -- and even pushed "fuck me" out through Daniella's ears onto the floor. Obey... obey... obey... All the other words on the floor changed, turning into Dominica... Dominica... Dominica... They collected into a swarm, like bees, and swirled up Daniella's thighs to her clitty-cock, wrapping themselves around it. Swarming and buzzing, and /tickling/">tickling her cock, the flying word made her desperate to cum again. But as soon as she got close, all the words broke into separate letters, suspended mid-air around her cock, like a little black cloud, no longer stroking her aching sex. As soon as the closeness to orgasm was lost, the letters formed Dominica's name again, and began sliding themselves against her cock -- like teasing fingers, all up and down her sex. It felt so good! Closer... and closer... and closer to cumming. Then the words would all break up again into letters again. Over and over and over.

Daniella's hips were pumping. Thrusting back against the "fuck me" dildo, humping down into the cloud of letters. "Obey" in Mistress' Voice looped relentlessly through her head, as she continued to lick every part of Dominica's sex she could reach. Her tongue stretched even further, wrapping around both of Mistress' breasts, rubbing and squeezing her nipples.

In Daniella's mind, she could see the words begin to collect together, squeezing her cock smaller and smaller. Making it tiny. She heard Dominica's voice, talking to her about her clit. About her pussy. Mistress' voice seemed to echo from everywhere. With every echo, the letters pulsed. The words "Dominica" collected together into another firm rubber dildo, like the "fuck me" dildo, and began to push against the base of her cock. Pushing inwards as her cock became a tinier and tinier nub. Pushing her balls inside, where they changed into ovaries. Pushing her scrotum inward, as it became labia, the center opening up and becoming her vagina -- so very filled with Dominica. Fucking deep into her. In... and out... and in... and out... The new dildo began to ejaculate into her pussy, spewing the name "Dominica" deep into her cunt, over and over again. Mistress' name traveled up through her womb, past it and upward through her abdomen... Up... up... up... It stretched out her tits even further, making them full, huge, squashy -- like big balloons. It pushed its way up her neck, changing her voice, making it higher, more musical, lilting. Finally, Mistress' name entered her head to join the only other word that remained there -- Obey! The words filled her mind... Obey... Dominica... Obey... Dominica... Obey Dominica... Obey Dominica... Obey Dominica...

Daniella sucked and sucked on the rubber dildo, "Obey Dominica" echoing relentlessly in her head. Was it a dildo she was sucking? It seemed to be Mistress' toes. She couldn't tell any more. It didn't matter. Sucking was everything. Pleasing Mistress was everything. The little rubber slave was nothing, and she nuzzled her face against MzDominica's feet, while her hips continued to pump... pump... pump... "Fuck me" was getting lost. What happened to "me" was becoming unimportant, so long as she pleased Mistress. She rose up, still on her knees, her long snaky tongue deep in Dominica's sex, so she could stare upward into her Mistress' green eyes. The emerald eyes seemed to spin, and swirl, and turn into whirlpools, drawing her down into even deeper levels of slavery... and mindlessness.